A decision to adopt AI can raise fundamental ethical and moral issues for society. These complex issues are of vital importance to our future, but they are not typically the domain of lawyers.

Here we focus on the more granular ethical and related legal risks that need to be managed by a business developing or using AI in whatever industry sector it occupies. As legal responsibility is a subset of moral (or ethical) responsibility, for AI to gain acceptance and be trusted in a given sector, a business will need to take into account the ethical considerations and the legal factors that flow from them.

Executive Summary


Executive summary
Our high level overview of each area covered in the AI briefing, including and AI overview, ethics, legal risks, ethics toolkit and sector impact.



What is AI?
AI is a field of computer science that includes machine learning, natural language processing, speech processing, expert systems, robotics, and machine vision.


AI and ethics


AI and ethics
For AI to be accepted for use in a given market the use of AI will need to be perceived by the participants in that market as meeting certain minimum ethical standards.


Legal Risks


Legal risks
Courts in a number of countries have already had to address a range of legal questions in relation to the automatic nature of machines and systems.


Ethics Toolkit


Ethics toolkit
Will the use of AI in my business result in a shift of ethical and legal responsibility within the business’s supply chain?


Sector Impact


Sector impact
Here we outline some sector-specific AI use cases that are already deployed, and some which may be adopted in the future.



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