Submissions now open to Artificial Intelligence Stakeholders: Canada’s Copyright Act Review

April 25, 2018

Written submissions are now being solicited from all Canadians on the Copyright Act, as the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (“Committee”) conducts its mandatory five-year review of the statute.  The Committee also will be considering testimony from live witnesses representing different sectors of activity, including software and telecommunications, as well as considering the views of people across Canada as it travels to various locations throughout May. 

An important goal of this review is to keep Canada’s copyright framework current in light of rapidly evolving digital technology.  As the protection and use of artificial intelligence technologies is significantly influenced by both the Patent Act and Copyright Act, this is an important opportunity for artificial intelligence stakeholders to be heard.

Stakeholders to Be Heard as Live Witnesses

April 17, 2018 marks the launch of the Phase I of the Committee’s review.  During Phase I, live witnesses representing specific sectors of activity will have the opportunity to be heard.  The Committee will be considering copyright as it relates to education, as well as publishing, especially from the viewpoints of these witnesses, and, at this time, particularly invites written submissions on either topic as soon as possible.  Artificial intelligence stakeholders should provide written submissions at this time to best support the Committee’s consideration of the testimony from these witnesses. 

During Phase II, testimony will be heard from live witnesses representing stakeholders with interest in multiple sectors of activity, such as Indigenous communities and interest groups.  Legal experts and professional associations will be heard during Phase III.

Call for Written Submissions

If you have suggestions for changes to the Copyright Act or recommendations for sections you would like to see reviewed, please contact us.  We would be happy to submit written submissions to the Committee for their consideration.

We will continue to follow the developments of this review of the Copyright Act and report on updates.