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Global interactive guide on computer-implemented inventions

September 16, 2020

Our global comparative piece examines the current state of the law on the patentability of CIIs across a number of key jurisdictions.

EU Prepares New AI and Data Strategy

February 18, 2020

The new European Commission is racing to deliver on President von der Leyen’s pledge to put forward legislation on AI, big data, and the New Digital Services Act. This article discusses the EC's response.

Who controls the works produced by artificial intelligence?

January 07, 2020

Seiko Hidaka and Will Garton discuss the role of Intellectual Property in a world where the machine is creating new and better things autonomously.

Vestager’s Digital Antitrust Blueprint

September 24, 2019

Effects of Commissioner Vestager’s unprecedented nomination to a second term as Competition Commissioner and dual mandate as Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age (Digital Commissioner).

UK Court decides that early-stage open source software projects can generate goodwill sufficient to protect the name of the project

July 09, 2019

A UK court has for the first time considered the English law concept of “goodwill” in relation to open source software projects and contributing developers.

OECD Recommendation and G20 ministerial Statement on Artificial Intelligence

July 04, 2019

This article summarizes the OECD Recommendation and the G20 Statement, discusses the OECD’s next steps, and offers our take on the implications of these and related initiatives.

European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence Publishes Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guidelines

April 11, 2019

The Guidelines are the first deliverable under the European Union (EU’s) April 2018 Communication on Artificial Intelligence for Europe.

European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence Publishes Draft Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guidelines

February 19, 2019

The EC’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence has published draft ethics guidelines on how to achieve trustworthy AI.

AI poses new ethics issues for companies

September 11, 2018

In a new report published by Bloomberg Law, Michael Sinclair comments on the emerging ethical-legal challenges around the deployment of AI.

Maximising the benefits of AI – supra-national considerations

May 02, 2018

A recent EC draft guidance document on a European approach to AI surveys the opportunities stemming from the use of AI for the European industry and the potential socio-economic impact of AI on EU citizens.