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Will the Metaverse be a universal platform? Part 1

September 30, 2021

Suddenly the metaverse is everywhere. But what are the potential legal ramifications of living and working in this parallel universe?

The UK National AI Strategy: Regulation, data protection and IPR in the mix

September 27, 2021

The UK Government has published its National AI Strategy.

AI for banks: Key ethical and security risks

September 20, 2021

While providing the opportunity for greater efficiency and revenue, better qualified personnel and improved risk management and compliance, there are important ethical and security risks that banks need to properly manage if they elect to use AI.

Twitter tests new Safety Mode

September 16, 2021

Twitter is testing a new safety feature aimed at reducing unwanted interactions, using artificial intelligence to detect harmful interactions and accounts.

Digital transformation: Key technology, cybersecurity and privacy risks

September 09, 2021

In this blog we discuss the risks associated with digital transformation from technology, cybersecurity and privacy perspectives.

OSFI releases updated cyber security self-assessment: Part 2

September 06, 2021

Part two of this update tackles OSFI’s Self-Assessment tool, which is seeing its first update since 2013.