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AI for Banks: Key Ethical and Security Risks

September 20, 2021

While providing the opportunity for greater efficiency and revenue, better qualified personnel and improved risk management and compliance, there are important ethical and security risks that banks need to properly manage if they elect to use AI.

The Payment and Electronic Money Institution Insolvency Regulations 2021

July 26, 2021

This blog post examines the Payment and Electronic Money Institution Insolvency Regulations 2021 which provide for a new special administration regime for payment and electronic money institutions.

Artificial Intelligence in UK Financial Services

July 22, 2021

The much anticipated report published by the Alan Turing Institute provides an articulate and succinct overview of the technical aspects of AI in three key areas of innovation relevant to the financial services sector (machine learning, non-traditional data and automation) and the consequential challenges in design and deployment.

FinTech Pulse podcast

July 20, 2021

In this special edition of FinTech Pulse, Madeline Bailey, co-head of Technology consulting is joined by one of the most influential women in European InsurTech, Parul Green, Board member of Insurtech Board, HM Treasury and Chief of Staff, APAC and Europe at AXA XL, to discuss the state of all things innovation and InsurTech in the Insurance sector.

German payment services in transition

July 08, 2021

The payment services landscape is currently overshadowed by the scandal around Wirecard. Unfortunately, this is distracting the focus from technological innovation and the increasing digitisation of daily life.

The (Artificial) Intelligent Investor

June 21, 2021

With the growth of app-induced innovation, various robo-advising platforms have taken the lead in providing investors with seamless, efficient, and cost-effective means of advice.

EU Crowdfunding Regulation

June 10, 2021

The Regulation on European crowdfunding services establishes a harmonised legal framework for crowdfunding service providers (CSPs) operating a public digital platform.

How FinTech has transformed the business landscape

May 28, 2021

As FinTech has brought rapid and profound changes to the world on a broad scale, businesses, financial institutions and even law firms must adapt to these changes to have a chance to succeed in the long term.

Anatomy of an NFT

April 29, 2021

What, exactly, is a non-fungible token and how is it different from a fungible, or any other, token?

Proposed Regulation on digital operational resilience for the EU financial sector

September 30, 2020

Anna Carrier provides an overview of 10 key things that you need to know about DORA.