AI poses new ethics issues for companies

September 11, 2018

“Machine learning, when exposed to training data, creates correlations using the data. This means that it becomes hard to separate the data from the system…This is a big issue for companies wanting to license in data to train AI systems.”

In a new report published by Bloomberg Law, Michael Sinclair comments on the emerging ethical-legal challenges around the deployment of AI.

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AI and ethics

For AI to be accepted for use in a given market (for example, by achieving sufficient end user uptake), as a matter of commercial reality the use of AI will need to be perceived by the participants in that market as meeting certain minimum ethical standards. What these are will vary according to the type of AI at issue and the relevant sector in which it is deployed. Because legal and ethical responsibility are inextricably linked, that same commercial reality in effect imposes an imperative on businesses to address the corresponding legal issues (quite apart from a desire to limit risk).

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AI and Ethics