Proposals for the ePrivacy Regulation: A telecommunications focus

March 10, 2021
On 10 February 2021, some years after the first draft was proposed, the Council of the EU’s Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER) finally adopted an agreed position on the ePrivacy Regulation, allowing the legislation to progress to the next stage of negotiation, namely the trilogue between the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission. Judging by the initial reactions to the Council’s draft, this negotiation stage will not be without its challenges and seems likely to be a protracted process. The agreed text can be read here.

We have commented on such proposals in detail here. Telecommunications companies are sure to be scrutinising the next stages of the negotiations to assess the evolution of the legislation and what it means for them.

Oliver Stacey and Mark Maurice consider the key areas of interest for telecommunications companies. Click here to read their analysis.