EU proposes new Artificial Intelligence Regulation

April 22, 2021

On April 21, 2021, the EU Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation (the AI Regulation) on “artificial intelligence systems” (AI systems), which it describes as “the first ever legal framework on AI.” The AI Regulation will impose significant obligations impacting businesses across many, if not all, sectors of the economy. The AI Regulation will prove controversial, touching off a legislative battle lasting at least until 2022.

The proposed AI Regulation will join other ambitious EU initiatives in the digital sector, such as the Data Governance Act, Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, currently working their way through the EU legislative process, as well as the forthcoming Data Act and the ongoing reform of EU antitrust policy. Some of the AI Regulation provisions read across to related provisions in other measures - for example, the practices prohibited for all AI systems (see below) are related to the Digital Services Act measures to combat harmful content on the Internet.

Read the full briefing which examines the scope and impact of the proposed AI Regulation.