Legal Geek 2023: Combining people, use cases, and technology for meaningful change

October 09, 2023

This content originally appeared on NRF Connections

The legal industry is no stranger to the winds of change blowing through its traditional practices. Last week, at the renowned Legal Geek conference, it was evident that the industry is standing at a pivotal stage. The buzz and excitement surrounding the event were palpable, with the spotlight firmly on technology and innovation, particularly Generative AI (Gen AI). However, beneath the excitement lies a crucial realization – Gen AI alone will not be the panacea for all the industry's challenges. Instead, a strategic synergy between people, use cases, and technology will pave the way for meaningful change while keeping great client service at the core of professional services.

The rise of Generative AI

One cannot deny that Generative AI stole the limelight at Legal Geek this year. The potential of AI in the legal sector is undeniable, with Gen AI taking center stage. It promises to revolutionize document creation, contract analysis, and legal research. The ability to generate complex legal documents swiftly and accurately is a game-changer, but it is merely one piece of the puzzle.

The need for human expertise

While AI can streamline processes and increase efficiency, it cannot replace the legal expertise, empathy, and judgment that human professionals bring to the table. Great client service in the legal profession hinges on understanding clients' unique needs, providing personalized advice, and navigating the intricacies of law. No AI, no matter how advanced, can replace the human touch in these areas.

The role of use cases

To harness the true power of Gen AI, it's essential to define clear use cases. Technology should be aligned with specific objectives, such as reducing repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, or increasing access to justice. Use cases help in identifying where AI can truly make a difference and streamline the implementation process.

The marriage of technology and people

The successful transformation of the legal industry requires a balanced approach that prioritizes people, use cases, and technology – in that order. People are the backbone of the profession, and their skills and expertise should be augmented, not replaced, by AI. Use cases should be carefully selected to address pain points and add value to clients. Technology, including Gen AI, should be a tool that empowers legal professionals to excel in their roles.

Great client service remains paramount

Throughout this journey of innovation, it's crucial to keep great client service at the heart of the professional services industry. Technology should enhance, not hinder, the ability to serve clients effectively. Clients value responsiveness, clarity, and the human connection. Legal professionals should leverage technology to better serve clients, not distance themselves from them.


The Legal Geek conference showcased the undeniable potential of Generative AI in the legal industry. However, it also underscored the importance of balancing technology with human expertise and clear use cases. The legal profession's evolution must prioritize people, the use cases that matter most, and technology as a means to elevate the practice of law. As we forge ahead, let us remember that great client service is the cornerstone of professional services, and technology should serve as a powerful enabler in delivering excellence to clients while driving meaningful change within the industry.