PART II: Legislative advances in the world of artificial intelligence, Canada – Minister releases proposed amendments to AIDA

October 31, 2023

On October 5, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (ISED) wrote a letter to the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology proposing amendments to Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA), which was introduced as part of Bill C-27 in June 2022. Further information on AIDA can be found in our previous update.

The letter suggests amendments in the following areas:

  • specifying roles and obligations for different actors in the AI value chain;
  • clarifying obligations for generative general-purpose AI systems, like ChatGPT;
  • defining classes of systems that would be considered high impact;
  • strengthening and clarifying the role of the proposed AI and Data Commissioner; and
  • aligning with the EU AI Act as well as other advanced economies.

The voluntary Code of Conduct published by ISED covers the first two areas as set out in our previous update. Accordingly, this update will focus on the last three areas.

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